Ugo Shildge

NonFinito Gallery is proud to present the works of Parisian born artist and craftsman Ugo
Schildge. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Paris, Schildge trained with a plethora for regarded
artists including distinguished Italian artist Giuseppe Penone for five years; it is here where
Schildge nurtured his enigmatic passion for the transformable nature of wood.
In all of Schildges works he investigates the many faces of movement and its consequent
transformation in time. “Everything in my work starts from a founding mechanism: for example,
the cogwheel establishes the conception of an infinite enduring time.” His use of Industrial
Revolution symbols such as the cogwheel highlights the power of mechanics, and their ability to
reinvent the source of the image.
The repetition of forms and, their strong presence and disappearances in his works, allows
viewers to become free to imagine the natural movement of the image. Ugo Schildge initiates the
process by setting up the original disposition, but the kaleidoscopic images invent infinite

After living in Montréal and San Paolo, Schildge now spends his time between his studios in
Brooklyn, New York and Paris, France.