YTG: Some Are Connections

 Sopia Sobers & Jacob M Fisher Create
Art as Experience in South Street Seaport Gallery


July 11, 2019, 108 South St, New York, NY, YTG Agency is launching Some Are Connections (, an immersive art experience at NonFinito Gallery featuring artists Sophia Sobers & Jacob M Fisher, running on select days until August 11, 2019. The art experience combines the work of two artists working in similar mediums to showcase varying multisensory environments in a two-story, 3,200 sq/ft space. 

The installation involves sight, touch, and sound, each with multiple sources that segment the room into seemingly infinite sensory experiences. The hanging elements of Fisher’s work contrast with Sobers’ plush floor sculptures to create a visually and experientially complete environment, giving onlookers the freedom to experience the art as they wish.

Jacob M Fisher works primarily in string and light installation, shaping string that hangs vertically from the ceiling and mapping dynamic, geometric projections onto the sculptural string forms. Of his work Fisher says, “My work is all about creating memorable moments, experiences that people can take with them wherever they go.”

A multidisciplinary artist, Sophia Sobers is showcasing new works at Some Are Connections that play with the idea of connectivity through a literal representation of plugs and outlets. “Sophia’s art is at once subtle and in your face,” says Richard Heby of YTG Agency, “her new work incorporates bright colors and strong shapes into plush, soft sculptures, creating environments that both jarring and inviting.”

The title of the show refers to the city from which the art was born – New York. We pass thousands people, artworks, and sites everyday. We have to ignore most of these. But with some things we make connections, we draw a line of continuity between what we feel and what those elements represent. The hope at this show is to foster those connections in our audience – to be more than a backdrop, but an experience that etches itself into memory forever.

YTG Agency is a talent agency representing large scale installation artists, and specializing in experiential art and brand experiences for events. 

NonFinito Gallery in South Street Seaport honors its namesake concept through continuous exhibitions and immersive installations by emerging and established artists.

Jacob M Fisher is a New York based installation artist known mainly for his large-scale string and light work. His aesthetic and process walks the line between organic and synthetic.

Sophia Sobers is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in sculpture and installation art. She  investigates the boundaries between science, technology, nature and the spiritual.

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