Sara Zaher

 Sara Zaher is a visual artist and designer based in New York. Born in Cairo in 1990; her restlessness pushed her to a path of transition. Since then she has lived in Lebanon, London, Manchester, New York and Sydney. This constant shift in space has affected the social, political and personal themes in her work. Recently she completed her MA (Dist) in Graphic and Media Design from the University of the Arts London. This one year program helped define her interest in mediums such as video art, digital collage and installation art. Through the use of these tools, her work aims to question the fragile boundary between the personal and the political. A way to exploit her relentless need for questioning as a way to position herself within this ever-changing social pendulum. In her recent transition as an emerging artist, her work has already garnered national and international attention through publications such as Design Taxi, Grazia and Designboom. Her work has also been exhibited in galleries and fairs in New York, Sydney, Singapore, and Paris and has been featured in collections globally.