Raimondo Galeano

Italian artist, Raimondo Galeano (b. 1948) adopted a technique which is still in progress and based on a very creative use of special luminescent pigments and powders. His approach to painting, also considering the way he made use of basic elements such as canvases, brushes and colors, was at the beginning of his artistic career.

The will to improve his knowledge in the artistic - as well as physic and scientific - fields together with a peculiar curiosity about Isaac Newton’s ideas, brought the artist to start his personal research based on the idea that colors only exit if revealed by means of light, the only instrument able to give life and forms to the objects around us, thus breaking with colors and traditional painting.

The works of Galeano are made in the dark using pigments of light, when the work is finished,  with light the paintings appear monochromatic, while in the dark paintings reveal their forms and "colors" (refraction of used pigments light). This work, a result of many years of research, is based on the Newtonian theory that the colors are light refraction.

"The light gives shape and color, I give 'shape and color to the light"

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