Largest Mural to date in the Country

 Mural artist, ‘Lefty Out There’, a globally recognized street artist, created a 2500 square foot mural on the south-facing side of the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom. Located at 500 North Dixie, Lake Worth, the mural is a collaborative piece with LA based photographer, ‘StillVika’ and ‘Lefty Out There.’ Photography and videography of the mural and its progression was captured by Eric Ortiz.

Palm Beach Show Group co-owner and lead partner in the Showroom’s venture, Scott Diament, will welcome the Show Group’s first street mural to the Lake Worth Art District. Diament states, “This creative, colorful, and bold mural was commissioned to give the area surrounding the 500 block an interesting, energetic and eye- catching look.”

‘Lefty’s’ art has been shown in galleries, linked to fashion, furniture design and featured with top brands such as Nike, Google and The Rolling Stones. ‘Lefty’s’ signature squiggle line is his distinguishing mark, created to set his work apart from other mark-makers. His highly recognizable style quickly developed into some of the most beautiful and intricate patterns across walls in Chicago and Miami, and as far away as Japan, Germany (Berlin), Italy, Spain to name a few.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.59.28 PM.png