Elizabeth Bonaventura

Artist Statement: 

In today's information age ideas and currents move through our culture exponentially. Time, money and effort is spent purposely deluding people in many ways. As consumers we buy things, ideas, "news," fear and much more. What are the risks of escalating sales and shock tactics? Do we risk being desensitized to ourselves, others and nature? What does becoming desensitized look like? I'm interested in how our inner state is affected by our outer world. I'm interested in what distortion and manipulation look like. What is gained or lost by being alienated from one another, and how does one depict that?

I have always been alarmed and intrigued by the role fear plays in people's decision-making and how that affects one's whole life. These ideas and questions are the ongoing subject of my work.

My paintings often show figures in an environment of alienation. The space can be absurd and unsafe or hopeful. Figures are sometimes disassociated from each other and themselves. Other figures are searching, asking questions. How big a component is context? If we change the way we look at things, do the things we look at change? I'm depicting a context in the process of change.