Fragmented Realities Curatorial Statement

"Fragmented Realities offers alternative perspectives to our current reality for consideration, reflection, and effect. Rather than rehashing the past, or dwelling over the present, these artists test the limits of the economic social system we live in by creating alternative realities through narrative and medium. These objects, characters, landscapes, and scenarios have an otherworldly presence that questions our currently held truths and perceptions inherent in our constructed reality. Fragmented Realities acts as a portal between these worlds.

A person’s reality is constructed by the predetermined ‘truth’ that what they are told is, in fact, true and real. Today, in the ‘post-truth’ era, is the value of reality diminished? There is an unfathomable amount of delusion, lies, and miscommunication circulating in our society making it confusing for us to grasp onto reality. Because of this corruption, the “post-truth” world presents possibilities for artists to construct new systems, that do not rely on real life, as alternative solutions to our own, and for them to create work in an attempt to actualize reality and to initiate conversations and activism. Although they are fabrications made by the artist, through this process the work and its content become as seemingly real as our previous notions of reality.

Fragmented Realities goal is to spark these same conversations outside of the gallery space. Our hope is that it will prompt new ideas, work, and movements which suggest alternative interpretations and answers to our current problematic perceptions and systems."

Curated by Hannah Naify and Saskia Fleishman
Fragmented Realities Exhibition, June 3 - June 30, 2018

The NonFinito Team would like to thank the curators for putting together such a wonderful exhibition and bringing together all the artists for this show.