Aigerim Akhmetova

Aigerim Akhmetova grew up around plastic. Outside and inside Almaty, is covered in water bottles, styrofoam, cellophane and unfortunately Kazakhstan is not a place where plastic is recycled. There is an overwhelming supply of polyester clothes, which does not look so artificial if you choose natural desaturated colors.  

The sacred traditions of Kazakhstan: heat up some beshbarmak, lagman, baursaks, whatever food you have and set up a table. The rugs of the yurt will surround the guest and exude warmth.

Akhmetova strives for queer patriotism to plastic. A lot of her work takes form in shape of a flag; a flag printed on a towel, flag as a rug, flag as a moving image. They combine traditional patterns of Kazakh culture and patterns of domestic objects and clothes. They combine stereotypes and aspirations but all through the lense of plastic queerness. All of them are sketches of a fluid identity, it’s important for them to be continually generated.