Adam Linn

"My drawings, to me, seem like an amalgamation of the strangeness that surrounds my stifled obsessions from a closeted queer childhood. I make drawings that flirt with perception and challenge traditional anthropomorphic themes. I want you to feel something familiar. But that familiarity comes at a price. There’s not enough to convince you of a reality akin to your own, but perhaps these spontaneous fabrications can convince you to legitimize a new one. I invite you to become friends with the sinister veneer encapsulating mounds of repressed emotions, self deprecating humor, and hyper sexualized balloonified imagery. Balloonified and very gay, in my opinion. Welcome to the balloonified gay kingdom I call the Cerebral Mouthwash Zone.
The works engage with a twisted relationship between internet and sexuality. The millennial-dominated cyberspace, encompassing entities like Tumblr, DeviantArt and Youtube, provided a safe space for adolescent queers like myself to escape from a reality riddled with anxieties. While these spaces allowed for relatively free flowing creative expression for marginalized communities, they simultaneously exacerbated an internal inability to cope with adulthood. Though it was possible to compile an ongoing archive of visual and auditory references hitting on the most obscure interests, it did nothing to provide security when it came to facing the non digital space. The problematics of this relationship with the internet are my primary focus in the work. I want to express a joyful and nuanced identity created in large part by the internet. This identity, however, is a direct result of a crippling fear of existence in the analog world. I am living through an omnipresent internal conflict waged between my childhood self, hyper-queer and terrified of existence, and a maturing mind grasping for memories bathed in escapism."

b.1995- Adam Linn is an artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He has a background in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a steady interest in all things weird, because that word still confuses him.